To create is to destroy. Making a mess. Leaving a mark. It is about experimenting. Trying something. Immersing. It is about absurdity. A creation. Evidence that you exist. Using materials. Destruction. It is about fun. Doing the opposite. Breaking the rules. It is about ideas. Getting dirty. Making mistakes. I’m going to ask you to make a mark and it’s going to be messy. Don’t worry about that. That’s the point.

2NDDAY is a Danish/Scandinavian progressive woman’s label standing on the base of denim, leather and tailoring, with focus on an excellent quality and fit. 2NDDAY is an artistic atelier with a raw elegance and collections are divided into jeans and ready to wear.


Naam: 2NDDAY
Contactpersoon:  Bernadette Saarloos
Telnr: +31(0)76 5223186
E-mail: Bernadette@lexson.com
Website: www.2ndday.com/

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