studio .ruig

Dutch brand studio .ruig has been a pioneer since its inception in 2009.
Rather than let fleeting fashion trends dictate them, designers Klaartje Glashorster, Inge Hendriks, and Sophie Soons created
a universe of timeless style. In doing so, studio .ruig has become a beacon of peace and tranquility in today’s hectic fashion world.

The clean shapes and unpretentious silhouettes invite women to create fresh new looks depending on how they feel,
allowing each woman to let her own personality shine through. Sumptuous fabrics and thoughtful designs make sure the result of
any personal interpretation is elegant and refined, while studio .ruig’s handwriting is subtly apparent in interesting textures and
refined details.

Naam: studio .ruig
Contactpersoon: Fleur Verdijk
Telnr: +31 655562057

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